About Jimmy and His Passion for Success in Life

Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog!

Do you like my babes? They are the joy of my life at the moment and I want them to enjoy success in life as well. Daddy will be the first person to lead them by example by achieving my own success in life.

A little bit about me…

I am sports teacher and coach by training and profession. Have been in the Singapore education scene for the last 15 years. Married with two kids and learning and growing each day. I enjoy the outdoors, reading and traveling. One of my favourite thing to do is to go on long road trips. USA seems to be my favourite destination. That seems to be success in life for me then.

The turn of events…

In 2008/9, I started experiencing lots of financial and family pressures. Work suffered as a result. That started my whole inward looking journey. Since then, I have been blessed to learn about self development and personal growth for success in life. I now view the world differently compared to the last 39 years of my life. The key thing that changed is that I have sought and found my passion and purpose in life. Now I am designing my own blueprints of success in life. I am proud to be a Life Architect, and am now actively spreading this message to all who wants to hear our message.

Where I am now for success in life…

Life Architect signals my rebirth in this world. The Jimmy now is different and actively seeking contributions to this world. I am gifted with reading, writing, creating and speaking. My first half of life did not feature these gifts. Now I know. With this knowledge I am pressing on to fulfill my mission for success in life for all.

I look forward to all your interactions and hope to learn bountiful from everyone I come across as well.