Tips For Sending School Photos

If you have taken school photos,then there are some things that you want to consider before you send them to anyone else. This will help make the process of sending them to the right people a little easier for you. It is not just you that is going to be disappointed if you send them to the wrong person. There are people who want your photos,but you will also be disappointed if you send them to someone who does not have an interest in them. One of the first things that you should think about when you are sending out school photos is how long they have been taken. If you took pictures of students in the late 70’s,you are going to want to send them to someone who is interested in this type of photography. They will be looking for something from the time frame of that time. If you are not sure,you can talk to the student or teacher who took the photos to see if there are any events from that time frame that you can send them to. You can also look at old photographs and see if they can be sent to someone who is […]

Here are three great questions I hear a lot.1. What is an executive business coach?2. Who needs or can benefit from an executive business coach?3. Does it pay to hire an executive business coach? What is the ROI? Let’s start with the first question. What is an Executive Business Coach? In a nutshell,an executive business coach is your thinking partner. As your thinking partner,your executive business coach helps you to think things through. It starts with your vision,your purpose/s,and goals. Then the conversation turns to discuss strategies and tactics. From there,you and your executive business coach move on to setting priorities and establishing meaningful actions. A great executive business coach has systematic tools and processes,yet uses a great deal of experience and intuition to help you crystallize and refine your thoughts and plans. An executive business coach must be a person outside of your organization. You must be able to speak with each other frankly and confidentially. An executive business coach may be the only person in your life who is knowledgeable,yet does not have a direct stake in your business. Also,an executive business coach must not have preconceived notions about you,your business,your staff,and what is possible or impossible in […]

The Six Stages of Personal Development

1.      Unenlightened Stage Joe Vitale calls this the victim hood stage, where there is no conscious understanding and belief of what is happening to us. In this stage of personal development there is a lot of focus on pointing fingers at others about the many ‘bad’ things that is happening to us. Of all the stages of personal development, this is one that is hardest to get out of. Many people live in this stage for their entire life without knowing how to get out of it. Hence, the term unenlightened or victim used to describe this. 2.      Crisis Stage Sometimes, along the progress through the stages of personal development, people hit a wall that they could not break through. This leads to something quite tragic or devastating like a death threatening illness, an accident, financial crisis or relationship breakout. This crisis is often enough to force the person to seriously re-examine the issues in their life, thus leading to some useful soul searching with break-through in the end. For me, it was my financial crisis which I am still trying to extricate myself. Without meeting near bankruptcy, I would have never looked hard for my solutions. That has led me to where […]

30 Empowering Questions for Emotional Help

Over the last few weeks, I have been unconsciously writing posts about emotional help. These includes The Enlightened Being – 8 Ways to Recognize this Being, The Power of a Book that will Change your Life and Two Questions After Death that Will Change Your Life. From comments that came with these posts, we entered a very unique discussion about using question for emotional help. In my own NLP training and reading, I have come across the powers of using questions for emotional help and mastery. Taken in the right perspective, empowering questions can change our focus, transform our emotional state and improve our lives. It is with this source of inspiration that I presenting to you a set of empowering questions to positive change your states for emotional mastery. I hope you will begin using these questions strategically and often to lift yourself out of emotional misery into more superior states. Emotional help is the beginning of all transformative states. When you are in empowering states, your decisions will lead to better actions. Reflective Questions for Emotional Help 1.      What I am happy about in my life right now? 2.      What I am excited about in my life right now? 3.      What I am proud about […]

Beginners Guide to NLP – Part 1 (An Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming)

My Own Guide to NLP Training In my earlier post on 25 Random Secrets of My Inspired Life, I mentioned that I had received some form of training and guide to NLP – Neuro Linguistic Program. I first came across this term while reading Anthony Robbins’ book on Unleashing the Giant Within. Robbins coined NLP as Neuro-Linguistic Conditioning to differentiate his teachings from the others. After reading that book, NLP became something I was fascinated with. One of the results of this fascination with NLP was that I signed up for a NLP certification program with a local company that specializes in NLP training. From this training, I have discovered more useful tools for personal development. It is my turn now to share these with you in this guide to NLP series. I am making things really fundamental here in order not to turn off those who are new to this technology. I hope you will find this series useful in improving your own lives. Introduction to the Beginners’ Guide to NLP Let us begin this guide to NLP with some definition and history of NLP. NLP is the study of how people think, feel and act. It is characterized by an intense curiosity about how and […]